CAE Modeling – Body in White

Optimal Case Study

CAE Modeling Programs: Body-in-White Finite Element Model

Scanned data (point cloud data) converted to STL format

STL data cleaned and prepared for converting triangle mesh into quad/tria mesh model

Final quad-tria shell mesh of average element size 10mm

Typical finite element meshing requires CAD data for best mesh quality results.  Very often CAD data for the existing part is not available so it needs to be created from the scanned data. This CAD creation can be time consuming process. To avoid CAD creation for CAE analysis as a final product, STL format is directly converted to finite quad/tria shell element model.  Mesh Model is then offset inbound by half thickness distance of the original scanned part.

All element quality criteria's are met while elements are following the curvatures.  Allowed Finite mesh to Scan data deviation is +-2mm.

Model QualityRequired Values
   (not < than 10)95%<3:1
   Warpage15 MAX
   Skewness45 MAX
   Quad Angle Min.45 MAX
   Quad Angle Max.135 MAX
   Tria Angle Min.20 MIN
   Tria Angle Max.120 MAX
   Jacobian SHELLSNot < than 0.7
   Jacobian SOLIDSNot < than 0.5
   % Trias   7
   Total Number of Elements1135
# of Quads1086
# of Trias


Model ValidationNormal Modes AnalysisSix Rigid Body Mode
      First Mode at 25 HZ


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