Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

Since 1986, Optimal has been performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) studies including fatigue and fracture analysis.

At Optimal, we utilize our FEA expertise and knowledge-base built from years of consulting experience in modeling material behavior to perform detailed fatigue analysis, helping clients like you predict fatigue life and crack growth simulation.

Through fatigue analysis our expert FEA engineering consultants can determine the durability of components constructed from just about any material, including: metals, plastics, alloys, composites, rubber, glass, concrete, synthetic materials, and more. We do this under various combinations of conditions including static, dynamic, and thermal loading.

We’ll help you understand everything you need to know about your design with respect to its durability, fatigue, and fracture tolerances, including the cause of failures, margin of safety, recommended design changes for improvement, recommended inspection intervals, and more.

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