Structural Analysis

Structural FEA Analysis Services

Optimal provides FEA engineering and Structural Analysis services to companies that need highly-skilled and experienced consulting engineers to help perform analysis on their designs.

We use the most experienced FEA engineers, methods, and Finite Element Structural and Stress Analysis Services to make sure your structure designs fulfill their intended function in their defined loads environment.

Identifying and analyzing possible failure modes and optimizing the ultimate design to perform against them is the primary focus of our Finite Element Structural and Stress Analysis service.

Optimal CAE Inc. can provide component level to full product virtual structural stress analysis.

We’ve been providing structural analysis services to a variety of industries, from automotive, aerospace, military, industrial, and more.

Optimal's FEA engineering services include stress analysis, impact response, fatigue and crack analysis, vibration, along with many other types of structural analysis services.


Finite Element Structural and Stress Analysis Services
  • FEA Structure and Stress Analysis
  • FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
  • FEA Fatigue Analysis
  • FEA Static Stress Analysis
  • FEA Dynamic Analysis
    • Transient Impact Analysis
    • Modal Analysis
    • Random Vibration Analysis
    • Harmonic Analysis
    • Spectrum Stress Analysis
    • Fracture Analysis
  • FEA Buckling Analysis

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