CAE Onsite Modeling Programs



    Optimal in partnership with Ford Motor Company created a group of Safety CAE modelers. This program was novel wherein Optimal provided all necessary resources, training, and on-site management. Optimal worked with the Ford Crash Methods Group to implement modeling standards and best common practices (BCP) in Ford Safety FEA models.

    In support of this program, Optimal customized its internal project management web site to support the integration of this modeling concept within the diverse analytical teams at Ford.

    The program structure and processes haves been designed to be centralized so that the group can support multiple groups across all Safety CAE. In recognition of the groups achievements and acceptance among the engineering community, it was awarded the Ford VCS Recognition award for 2000. Examples of some of the feedback the program received from its customers, the CAE analysts and Supervisors are:

    "We are very happy with your turnaround time. You are saving us a lot of time."Performance Luxury Supervisor

    "I appreciate the great work that has been completed by the modeler’s group so far; they are a critical part of our CAE-Quality efforts; Keep up the good work!"Manager, Advanced Safety & Pre-Program

    "Just to let you know, the modeling team has done a very good job updating the D219 side impact. We are grateful for the work you’ve done and we have managed to run the first iteration on time. Thanks very much."Crash CAE Analyst



      Local Michigan Company (Optimal CAE, Inc.) Wins Benchmark Study vs. Offshore

      In a three-year Chrysler Benchmark Study conducted against off-shore and another US based company between 2000 – 2003, Chrysler found Optimal CAE to be the best-in-class. Chrysler study results showed Optimal’s local CAE support had:
      • The highest quality
      • Faster through-put
      • Superior cost effectiveness (even when the hourly rate was higher, it was still cheaper – total cost picture)
      • Zero Rejection Rate
      • Optimal has been one of three modeling sources for Chrysler since 2000.
      General Motors

        General Motors

        Optimal was selected as the single-source vendor for GM NAO on-site CAE modelers. This program solidified Optimal’s position as a leader in CAE modeling and modeling training. Given the dramatic success of this program, GM has also granted Optimal access to its previously single-sourced outsourcing of CAE models.

        Several important elements resulting from the program include:
        • Evolution and refinement of all CAE modeling curricula
        • Creation of CFD modeling curricula
        • Evolution and refinement of GM modeling standards including full vehicle modeling
        • Creation of a large internal Optimal modeling team
        • Creation of internal project management practices to support diverse and massive modeling requirements across GM NAO

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