Vehicle Design & Development

Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis are fundamental ingredients in successful product development.

Optimal provides methodologies for measuring and monitoring key performance characteristics of our customers and relevant competitors’ products and product components.

Our system includes a comprehensive review of design constraints to get optimal results from our measurement and scanning processes. We offer a unique blend of advanced technologies and measurement expertise that provide you with cost effective, rapid solutions.

We can even provide you complete product teardown to a final build book referenced to cataloged parts and more.

Optimal’s comprehensive competitive benchmarking services allow you to answer these critical questions about a product:

  • What does it look like?
    Component Analysis
  • What’s in it?
    Bill of Materials
  • How was it made?
    Bill of Process
  • What did it cost?
    Cost Estimating
  • Why was it designed the way it was?
    Performance Benchmarking

Structural— Analytical Benchmarking & CAE Driven Design & Optimization

The use of Computer Aided Engineering Services, or CAE Services, has become more widespread as today’s industry. Pressure to decrease product development time, improve quality, and reduce the cost of physical prototypes and testing is driving increased use of CAE simulation and CAE Services throughout the product lifecycle.

Significant investment and effort is required to maintain a proper CAE environment and qualified CAE engineers. Even larger companies find their engineering needs can exceed their installed capacity or resources, requiring outsourcing to qualified third-party CAE Consulting Services in times of overflow and time crunch.

However, CAE can be as much of an art as it is a science, with experience playing an important factor when setting up or analyzing results. Wrongly conducted, CAE can lead to incorrect engineering conclusions. So you don’t want just any company doing your CAE Modeling and Analysis work.

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Optimal CAE has been in the business of providing CAE Services since 1986, and has pioneered the CAE methods now used by many of our customers. We consistently provide our customers with quality and cost effective engineering and design solutions.

In fact, Optimal is the recipient of a Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for CAE Services.

Companies come to Optimal CAE when they want their CAE Services done right.

Optimal Inc. provides a comprehensive set of testing services:
  • Material Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Electrical Vehicle Powertrain Testing
  • Full Vehicle Testing & Validation

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Electrical Control

Optimal has a dedicated team of battery experts that have been developing electric vehicle battery systems for over 20 years.

Optimal’s battery development capabilities include:

  • EV Battery benchmarking
  • Select battery chemistry to match vehicle performance
  • Module design and development
  • Cell to cell and cell to bus bar welding analysis
  • Pack design and development
  • Thermal management analysis
  • Safety/crash analysis
  • BMS development, electrical wiring and controls development
  • Prototype build
  • Testing & Validation
Batteries for electric vehicles

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Optimal has the capabilities to support new electric vehicle product development process.

Our team consists of well-known automotive veterans that have been involved in electric vehicle design for over 20 years.

Optimal has experience in benchmarking electric vehicles as well as design and engineering of critical electric vehicle components such as vehicle control units, battery packs, battery management systems, EV drive systems.

Electrification and Electrical Systems

Electrical Vehicle Control & Powertrain Development

Optimal has experience developing:

  • Vehicle control units (VCU)
  • CAN bus decoding
  • EV powertrain performance benchmarking
  • EV drive performance testing (battery, motor, inverter)
  • EV battery pack design architecture optimized for performance, crash, NVH, safety
  • EV drive component development including motors, gearbox
  • EV powertrain optimization through CAE structural and CFD thermal management analysis
  • EV powertrain performance simulation and physical testing
  • Electrified Propulsion Systems
    • Electric propulsion
      • System requirements analysis and architectural design
        • VCU and signal interface
        • Vehicle controls integration
      • Performance EV systems
      • Economical city commuting EV systems
      • Regen braking
      • Regen blending
        • Hardware specification
        • Control algorithm design and validation
      • Hybrid propulsion
        • Range extender
      • Prototype vehicle build

Intelligent Vehicle Controls, Assisted and Autonomous Driving

  • System requirements analysis and architectural design
    • VCU and signal interface
    • Vehicle controls integration
  • By-wire vehicle control
    • Brake by wire
    • Acceleration by wire
    • Steering by wire
  • Environmental perception
    • Radar
    • Camera
    • AI and data fusion
  • System analysis, design, verification and validation
  • Limited high-way autonomous driving systems
  • Driver assistance (ADAS)
    • Blind-spot warning
    • Collision warning
    • Automated parking assistance
    • AEB
    • ACC
  • Prototype vehicle build

Optimal has experience developing a prototype of infotainment system including driver cluster and center fascia.

Optimal provides a comprehensive service in the following areas:

  • Functional architecture benchmarking of premium vehicles
  • UI/UX designing of driver cluster and center fascia
  • Prototyping of infotainment system for show car or product intended car

Award Winning Quality Service & Value

Through the application of the latest technology coupled with a highly experienced, trained and efficient staff, Optimal is the Engineering Services provider of choice for many companies. Optimal is the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

Optimal maintains its ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, is a certified Minority Supplier, and is a member of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). Optimal was the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

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