Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

The use of Computer Aided Engineering Services, or CAE Services, has become more widespread as today's industry. Pressure to decrease product development time, improve quality, and reduce the cost of physical prototypes and testing is driving increased use of CAE simulation and CAE Services throughout the product lifecycle.

Significant investment and effort is required to maintain a proper CAE environment and qualified CAE engineers. Even larger companies find their engineering needs can exceed their installed capacity or resources, requiring outsourcing to qualified third-party CAE Consulting Services in times of overflow and time crunch.

However, CAE can be as much of an art as it is a science, with experience playing an important factor when setting up or analyzing results. Wrongly conducted, CAE can lead to incorrect engineering conclusions. So you don't want just any company doing your CAE Modeling and Analysis work.

Optimal CAE has been in the business of providing CAE Services since 1986, and has pioneered the CAE methods now used by many of our customers. We consistently provide our customers with quality and cost effective engineering and design solutions.

In fact, Optimal is the recipient of a Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for CAE Services.

Companies come to Optimal CAE when they want their CAE Services done right.

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Optimal CAE - Finite Element Modeling Center

Optimal's drive towards continuous process improvements in the CAE field have led to the creation of a CAE Modeling and Simulation Center. The primary focus of the group is threefold:

  1. To provide a cost effective Modeling Service that delivers quality Finite Element models with quick turnaround time.
  2. To develop processes and methods that improve efficiency using commercially available software.
  3. To provide customized training for modelers with target trainees being non-engineers.

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Optimal's proven track record in CAE has resulted in programs with Ford and General Motors to develop Finite Element Modeling groups within their organizations. Optimal's focus in cost, quality and timing has resulted in being selected as an external Finite Element Modeling source for Chrysler and General Motors.

Some of our achievements include:
  • One of two suppliers selected to do all of Chrysler's FE models.
  • A Ford Safety modeling group that has received a overwhelming support from its customers – the Safety CAE analysts.
  • VSC recognition award from Ford Motor Company.
  • Single source of CAE modelers for General Motors.

Optimal delivers ready-to-run models that are debugged and pass all customer-specified quality requirements. Our Finite Element Modeling experience includes:

  • Full Vehicle Models (Crash, NVH, Durability)
  • Body-in-White, Chassis, Trims, Doors, Hoods etc.
  • Steering, I/P, Suspension, Seats, HVAC
  • Powertrain (engine blocks, girdles, transmissions)
  • Cast, Forged, Stamped components


FEA Services

Case Studies

Optimal Finite Element Analysis Consulting Services

FEA Model Ready for Crash SimulationOptimal CAE, Inc. has been delivering value added Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Consulting Services to our customers for product development and manufacturing processes since 1986. We've been providing FEA services to automotive, aerospace, industrial, commercial, military, and Tier-1 suppliers, to name a few.

Our strong internal leadership, diverse project experience and corporate commitment have made the Optimal FEA services team a recognized industry leader in FEA quality and timing.

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Through our knowledge base and long time diverse industry experience, Optimal CAE pioneers the development of new FEA methodologies, and helps our clients improve their existing FEA methods; consistently providing our customers with highest quality and cost effective engineering and design solutions.

Whether working with you directly onsite at your location, or working remotely at our own location via internet conferences with your team, we'll quickly and easily help solve your structural engineering and analysis problems.

We provide the best modeling and analysis to solve all types of mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and thermal analysis problems for our customers that create lasting relationships.

Our Areas of FEA Consulting Expertise Includes a Full Spectrum of Services:
Finite Element Analysis Services for Vehicle Product Development

With decades of experience in CAE, Optimal has a wide range of FEA consulting experience and services for product development including:

  • Full Vehicle Analysis
  • Body-in-White (BIW)
  • Body Closures
  • Chassis - Frame, Suspension, Brakes
  • Powertrain - Engine, Transmission, Drive lines
  • Seating Systems
  • Steering Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)
  • Air Bag Deployment / Inflation
  • Wheels


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Case Studies

Optimal CFD Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD Services, can solve a wide range of design issues for companies facing fluid dynamics problems.

Optimal CAE is a long time established provider of professional Computational Fluid Dynamic CFD engineering services. Optimal applies the leading commercial CFD software tools to a wide array of products and manufacturing processes.

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Since 1986 Optimal CAE has helped test and solve some of the toughest design issues for customers in numerous industries.

The result for you is cost-effective CFD Services from the industry experts at Optimal who will not only solve your most difficult mechanical and structure engineering analysis problems, but also provide you with value and timely solutions to your all your CAE, CFD, and FEA service needs.
Here are some examples of design areas that can benefit from our CFD services.

Fluid Structure Interaction
Vehicle Interior Thermal Comfort Analysis
  • Cabin interior heating and air conditioning
  • Instrument Panel A/C-Heater Duct
  • Flow Delivery Ducts
  • Side Glass Demist
  • Windshield Defrost
  • Defrost Nozzle
Vehicle Aerodynamic Flow Computation
  • Front end air flow
  • Pressure distribution on vehicle skin
  • Side glass Flow separation
  • Rear spoiler design
Underhood and Underbody Heat Management
  • Full vehicle underhood-underbody air flow analysis
  • Vehicle grille analysis
  • Brake rotor cooling air flow
Powertrain Engine cooling water jacket
  • In-Cylinder flow
  • Intake Manifold
  • Exhaust manifold and catalytic converter
  • Water pump flow analysis


Engineering Optimization

Case Studies

Optimal CAE Design Optimization

Our company's optimization techniques enhance your product design and streamline your product development cycle. This process results in higher quality, reduced end-product costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Multidisciplinary CAE Design Optimization

Optimal can incorporate all relevant design variables simultaneously in the analysis and optimization of your product design. This approach offers the most precise optimization by addressing the effects of the interactions between the relevant variables:

  • Design Sensitivity Analysis
  • Topology and Topography Optimization
  • Shape and Size Optimization
  • General Computer Aided Optimization (multidiscipline)

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Design Sensitivity Analysis

Design Sensitivity allows exploration of the sensitivity of a design with respect to a large number of design variables. In particular, sensitivity analysis gives insight into how to change the parameters of a design that not only affect the motion of the resulting design, but also in the loads and reaction forces of the resulting mechanism.

Benefits of CAE Design Optimization
  • Weight and process costs reductions
  • Enhanced product performance: durability, NVH, and safety
  • A decrease in the number of design iterations from packaging to design


Optimal is MMBDC Certified Minority SupplierOptimal is ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedOptimal is ISO 14001:2004 CertifiedOptimal is Ford Q1 Certified

Award Winning Quality Service & Value

Through the application of the latest technology coupled with a highly experienced, trained and efficient staff, Optimal is the Engineering Services provider of choice for many companies. Optimal is the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

Optimal maintains its ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, Ford Q1 certifications, is a certified Minority Supplier, and is a member of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). Optimal was the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

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