Optimal has the capabilities to support new electric vehicle product development process.

Our team consists of well-known automotive veterans that have been involved in electric vehicle design for over 20 years.

Optimal has experience in benchmarking electric vehicles as well as design and engineering of critical electric vehicle components such as vehicle control units, battery packs, battery management systems, EV drive systems.

Our approach of developing new electric vehicles from competitive benchmarking to full vehicle model to new design allows you to quickly develop a new electric vehicle platform of products in an accelerated timeframe of 28 months as compared to a traditional vehicle development timeline of 50+ months!

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Electrical Vehicle Control & Powertrain Development

Case Studies

Optimal has experience developing:

  • Vehicle control units (VCU)
  • CAN bus decoding
  • EV powertrain performance benchmarking
  • EV drive performance testing (battery, motor, inverter)
  • EV battery pack design architecture optimized for performance, crash, NVH, safety
  • EV drive component development including motors, gearbox
  • EV powertrain optimization through CAE structural and CFD thermal management analysis
  • EV powertrain performance simulation and physical testing

EV Mule Car and Full Vehicle Prototype

Optimal has experience developing:

  • Testbed mule electric vehicles equipped with prototype components
  • Evaluation of vehicle controls with EV powertrain
  • Design and build prototype electric vehicle for evaluation
Optimal is MMBDC Certified Minority SupplierOptimal is ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedOptimal is ISO 14001:2004 CertifiedOptimal is Ford Q1 Certified

Award Winning Quality Service & Value

Through the application of the latest technology coupled with a highly experienced, trained and efficient staff, Optimal is the Engineering Services provider of choice for many companies. Optimal is the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

Optimal maintains its ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, Ford Q1 certifications, is a certified Minority Supplier, and is a member of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). Optimal was the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

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