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At Optimal, we invest heavily in new technologies. Our team of researches work with universities and investors to bring cutting edge innovations to market.

We are interested in companies that want to partner with us to utilize our technologies for a wide variety of industry applications.

Explore our innovative research projects below.

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Bamboo Composite Materials

Bamboo is an amazing renewable, recyclable resource. It grows in abundance, can be harvested frequently, is lightweight and strong with good flexural modulus and elasticity. At Optimal Materials we leverage the unique characteristics of bamboo to develop new applications for bamboo composites. Our patented method offers a cost effective approach for extracting fiber into a usable composite structure, expanding the use of bamboo in composite manufacturing processes. It won’t be long before bamboo is used in everyday items such as sports equipment, boats, airplane, and even household furniture.

Joining of Dissimilar Materials Rivet Weld Technology

Optimal Process Technologies is built upon our proprietary technology for joining of dissimilar and light-weight materials (aluminum-to-advanced high strength steel). Our innovative technology addresses the limitations of existing methods of fusion welding (including resistance welding and arc welding), self-piercing riveting, and adhesive bonding all limited to provide cost effective solutions for dissimilar material joining. Over the next few years we will be developing and commercializing welding/joining technologies for the light-weighting and the electrification of vehicles.

Battery Tab to Bus Bar Weld Quality Assurance Systems

Optimal Process Technologies applies a real-time/in-line quality monitoring system using multi-sensor signals and intelligent algorithms. Our customer-focused innovation applies intimate knowledge of customer pain points to create value added solutions that make difference in the customer’s business.

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