Optimal has been a pioneer in weight optimization for vehicles well before the term “Lightweighting” became a corporate mission.  As the auto industry and other transportation sectors become increasingly motivated to building vehicles that are less heavy as a way to achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, Optimal has proved to be a critical partner for structural optimization.  Optimal offers unique topological and zero base weight analysis to reduce mass in vehicles and components while balancing both the structural integrity and cost of the component.

Vehicle Lightweight Optimization

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Mass Reduction Analysis & Structure Optimization

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Reducing mass in a vehicle is not as simple as switching out steel for aluminum on a component.  Optimal uses a multifaceted approach to solve lightweighting challenges that includes:

  • material reduction strategies through topological optimization – Reduce Material, Not Structural Integrity!
  • material selection trade-off analysis including use of lighter weight materials such as ultra high strength steel, aluminum, magnesium, composites – Engineer Mixed Material Strategies that Meet Performance Specifications!
  • reducing weight and component complexity – Eliminate Necessary Parts While Reducing Stress!
  • reducing mass without sacrificing structural integrity of the component – Reduce Weight and Improve Performance!
  • reducing mass without adding cost – Reduce Weight Without a Cost Penalty!



Optimal is MMBDC Certified Minority SupplierOptimal is ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedOptimal is ISO 14001:2004 CertifiedOptimal is Ford Q1 Certified

Award Winning Quality Service & Value

Through the application of the latest technology coupled with a highly experienced, trained and efficient staff, Optimal is the Engineering Services provider of choice for many companies. Optimal is the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

Optimal maintains its ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, Ford Q1 certifications, is a certified Minority Supplier, and is a member of the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). Optimal was the recipient of the Ford Motor Company Technical Silver Partner Award for their CAE Services.

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