Advanced Control Systems


Optimal has experience developing:

  • Vehicle control units (VCU)

  • CAN bus decoding

  • EV powertrain performance benchmarking

  • EV drive performance testing (battery, motor, inverter)

  • EV battery pack design architecture optimized for performance, crash, NVH, safety

  • EV drive component development including motors, gearbox

  • EV powertrain optimization through CAE structural and CFD thermal management analysis

  • EV powertrain performance simulation and physical testing

Electrified Propulsion Systems

  • Electric propulsion

    • System requirements analysis and architectural design

      • VCU and signal interface

      • Vehicle controls integration

    • Performance EV systems

    • Economical city commuting EV systems

    • Regen braking

    • Regen blending

      • Hardware specification

      • Control algorithm design and validation

    • Hybrid propulsion

      • Range extender

    • Prototype vehicle build