Bollinger Motors Announces Engineering Collaboration for its Revolutionary B1 SUT

Hobart, NY (March 21, 2018) – Bollinger Motors announced today that they have chosen Optimal, Inc. of Plymouth, MI to help bring their all-electric, all-wheel-drive Sport Utility Truck to production. Optimal offers expertise in full electrical vehicle design, CAE simulation, optimization, light-weighting, and competitive benchmarking that will take the Bollinger B1 to the next level of engineering excellency.

Optimal was chosen after careful review of top engineering firms in the Detroit area. In addition to world-class automotive optimization, the firm has extensive experience with high-voltage battery design and full electric vehicle integration.

“Optimal is the best partner to work with my team to keep improving upon an amazing concept,” says Bollinger Motors Founder Robert Bollinger. “Together we’re going to make the B1 more efficient, more powerful, more capable and production-ready.”

“Optimal is honored to be chosen as Bollinger Motors’ partner in developing the amazing B1.”, says Optimal President Song Young. “We fully anticipate the B1 to be a well engineered, highly optimized, exceptional quality, and hot-selling product.”

The two companies plan on finalizing optimization on the Bollinger B1 by the end of 2018, on target for a late 2019 start of production.

About Bollinger Motors

Started in 2014, Bollinger Motors is a U.S.-based company currently headquartered in New York. The Bollinger Motors B1 is the world’s first all-electric, on-and-off-road sport utility truck (SUT). This medium-duty SUT is truly innovative: engineered from the ground up with an all-electric powertrain, unique storage options, all-aluminum chassis and adjustable air suspension. Conceived by Robert Bollinger, the Bollinger Motors B1 is a model for clean energy enterprise and innovation.

About Optimal Inc.

Founded in 1986, Optimal pioneered the applications of CAE technologies for vehicle engineering. Over the past 10 years, Optimal has become an independent full vehicle development & engineering center for EVs, integrating best resources from the auto industry in the USA and beyond. Optimal’s core competencies are analytical benchmarking, design analysis, synthesis and optimization, as well as program management efficiency, which result in high value to its customers in vehicle lightweigting, electrification, and smartization.

Phillip Young