What if you could reduce your vehicle development timeframe by up to 12 months?

Optimal’s analytical benchmarking methodology to new vehicle platform development saves automotive OEM’s millions of dollars and months of effort.

What if you could reduce the mass of your vehicle systems by up to 20% without adding cost or sacrificing performance?

Optimal’s unique approach to lightweighting leverages proprietary engineering analysis that optimizes trade-offs between materials, structural performance and cost.

What if you could get rid of months of design iterations and CAD development?

Optimal’s method allows for a shortened development cycle.
Speeding up time to market. Reducing costs.

What if your virtual vehicle model could be as accurate as the physical car?

Optimal’s CAE models and virtual simulations accurately mirror the physical tests saving you time and money in R&D.

We are a Tier-1 supplier of staffing and engineering services to Ford, Chrysler/FCA, General Motors, additional auto OEMs, and component suppliers.

Who We Are

Engineering and Technical Staffing

At Optimal, we don’t just deliver what is asked. We go far beyond that, consistently exceeding customer expectations. Leveraging our multi-industry insight and innovative approach to engineering we identify and recommend the best industry solutions for you.

We provide an extensive range of solutions for engineering services, full vehicle development and staffing solutions for our customers.

As a preferred supplier to automotive OEMs for over 31 years, we have built a solid reputation in the automotive industry for both our engineering and staffing services. We started out in 1986 in manufacturing CAE and quickly evolved into a full service advanced engineering supplier and certified technical staffing firm. This year we have added full vehicle development services for our customers looking for a one-stop shop from concept to complete vehicle.

Our offices are located in the United States, Europe, China, South Korea, and Taiwan, and we have over 570 total team members.

What We Do

Engineering and Technical Staffing

Optimal Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Since 1986, we have provided innovative automotive engineering services worldwide. We are experts in optimizing vehicle platforms for lightweighting, electrification, and smartization.  Our unique methods of analytical benchmarking, computer-aided engineering (CAE), optimization, and product development saves our clients time and money.

Optimal Technical Staffing Solutions

Technical Staffing

Our unique approach to sourcing talent speeds up the hiring process and leads to stronger employee placements. Working one-on-one with you to clearly define your position and skills/experience requirements allows us to source and hire the best candidates for your company.

Optimal's Innovations


At Optimal, we invest heavily in new technologies. Our team of researchers have developed cutting edge innovations to market. See how we are using bamboo to create super-strength natural composite structures.  Find out how we developed a unique method to join dissimilar materials to enable lightweighting of structures.

About Optimal Inc.

Headquartered in Michigan we have been providing engineering and technical staffing services since 1986. For more information signup to receive our email announcements and quarterly newsletter.

Optimal Vehicle Engineering Testing Center

Optimal’s Vehicle Engineering & Testing Center

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