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Who We Are

As a preferred engineering services supplier to automotive OEMs for over 33 years, we have built a solid reputation in the industry for solving complex problems and value creation.

Since 2016 we have added full electric vehicle design and development services for our customers who are looking for one-stop shop customized solutions ranging from concept design to complete vehicle development.

Our offices are located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

What We Do

Optimal provides full vehicle and system level

design & development services

1. Design & development of electric passenger vehicles

  • Feasibility, proof of concept, production intent design & release

  • Sourcing, supply chain & manufacturing support

 2. Design & development of electric service vehicle platforms

  • Delivery vehicle

  • Shuttle buses

Design & Development Capabilities

* Body

* Chassis

* Battery module & pack

* E-powertrain systems and integration

* Thermal management & HVAC system

* Electrical and electronics systems

* Infotainment system, telematics, cybersecurity

* Control systems – body, chassis, powertrain, including by-wire controls

* Safety focused ADAS — e.g. Automated Emergency Braking

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47802 West Anchor Court
Plymouth, MI, 48170

+1 (734) 414 7933